ESR 1 – Cognitive disorders as defects in synaptic function: insight from human mutations in the CACNG2 gene encoding Stargazinneuronal cell biology, neurophysiology, mouse genetics, animal behaviour, neural dynamics.

Host Supervisor: Ana Luísa Carvalho (CNC, Portugal)
Early Stage Researcher: Orsolya Antal


ESR 2 – Role of Mitofusins in neurodevelopmental trajectories of psychopathology neurophysiology, neural circuits, patient engagement.

Host Supervisor: Carmen Sandi (BMI-EPFL, Switzerland)
Early Stage Researcher: Alessandro Chioino


ESR 3 – Production and testing of human-derived neurons and brain organoids: advanced model probing in neurodevelopmental disordershuman genetics, neuronal cell biology, neurophysiology, neural dynamics.

Host Supervisor: João Peça (CNC, Portugal)
Early Stage Researcher: Giuseppe Cammarata


ESR 4 – Linking autism related mutations in Shank3 over synaptic, network and behaviour defects human genetics, neuronal cell biology, neurophysiology, super-resolution microscopy, optogenetics, animal behaviour, neural dynamics.

Host Supervisor: Daniel Choquet (IINS-CNRS, France)
Early Stage Researcher: Diogo Soares


ESR 5 – Mesoscopic monitoring and analysis of cortical excitation/ inhibition balance in an animal model of synaptic dysfunction – neurophysiology, mouse genetics, in vivo imaging/recordings, optogenetics, animal behaviour.

Host Supervisor: Thomas Knöpfel (CN-ICL, UK)
Early Stage Researcher: Marcos San Pedro


ESR 6 – Physiopathological regulation of single NMDA receptor dynamics in psychosis neuronal cell biology, super-resolution microscopy.

Host Supervisor: Laurent Groc (IINS-CNRS, France)
Early Stage Researcher: Daniel Hunter


ESR 7 – FMRP regulation of synapse dynamicsneuronal cell biology, neurophysiology, mouse genetics, in vivo imaging/recordings, animal behaviour, neural dynamics.

Host Supervisor: Carlos B. Duarte (CNC, Portugal)
Early Stage Researcher: Elisa Corti


ESR 8 – Illuminating the mechanisms of synaptic and neural network dysfunction in a new in vivo model of Down syndromehuman stem cells, in vivo imaging, neurodevelopment, cortical circuits, axon growth, synapses, oscillatory activity, Down syndrome.

Host Supervisor: Vincenzo De Paola (ICS-ICL, UK)
Early Stage Researcher: Elizabeth Brockman


ESR 9 – The role of glycinergic signalling in autism spectrum disorder – human genetics, neuronal cell biology, neurophysiology, optogenetics, animal behaviour.

Host Supervisor: Catalina Betancur (IBPS-CNRS, France)
Early Stage Researcher: Laura Upton


ESR 10 – Assessing the endocannabinoid system as a therapeutic target in autism using Shank3-deficient miceneuronal cell biology, neurophysiology, animal behaviour.

Host Supervisor: Catalina Betancur (IBPS-CNRS, France)
Early Stage Researcher: Flavio Tomasi


ESR 11 – Investigating the excitation/ inhibition imbalance hypothesis of neuropsychiatric disorders in the cortico-thalamic system with electrophysiological methodsneuronal cell biology, animal behaviour, neural dynamics.

Host Supervisor: Kjartan Frisch Herrik (H. Lundbeck A/S, Denmark)
Early Stage Researcher: Ágata Silván


ESR 12 – Identifying convergent dysregulation of mRNA translation in multiple models of autism – neuronal cell biology, neurophysiology, super-resolution microscopy, animal behaviour.

Host Supervisor: Emily Osterweil, (CDBS-UEDIN, Scotland)
Early Stage Researcher: Manuela Rizzi


ESR 13 – Effect of corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) on a thalamic hub for neurodevelopmental disordersneurophysiology, super-resolution microscopy, in vivo imaging/recordings, animal behaviour, neural dynamics.

Host Supervisor:  Carmen Sandi (BMI-EPFL, Switzerland)
Early Stage Researcher: Loredana Cumpana


ESR 14 – Circuit deficits associated with ASD/IDneuronal cell biology, neurophysiology, mouse genetics, animal behaviour.

Host Supervisor: Peter Kind (CDBS-UEDIN, Scotland)
Early Stage Researcher: Vanesa Sánchez